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On the frog and his life 



September 2015
Publisher : Kunihiro Takahashi
TOSEI-SHA publishing Co., Ltd
Editional Adviser : Bas Wilders
English Translation : Hisato Kawata
Japanese Translation : Satsuki Ishiyama
Design : Satsuki Ishiyama
Printed and Bound : TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD.
Printing Art Director : Kouji Sugiyama
104pages(95images) / Hard cover
290x225x17mm / 935g
ISBN:978-4-88773-164-6 C0072


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(From the text of On the frog and his life) 

At That Time, Soon, and Perhaps

Moments are unique, never repeating. They are tiny particles of time like a small group of stars found in the eternity of space.
Moments are frozen, brought together, and read by those who study value. Time got hungry as it passed, and the frog got naked. It now wears cobwebs and dust like some transparent clothes. Time changes everything, flesh vaporizes, grass waves in the wind, constantly transposing everything.
Images are the frozen fragments of time.
What we try to see is all relative. It has its temporary place in time, relative to all other things that are there. A photographer's framework binds the elements together at a certain moment, inquiring of their relations at the macro and micro levels. The moment creates a word. Together, the words become a sentence. But it is a sentence composed of the words which might become totally different just a second later.
The images show a personal treasure. Questions revealing the possible relations between things are more important than the answers.
The images show us the intimate relations the photographer had with the things surrounding him when he was in pursuit of them. The images give an insight into the sense of wonder the photographer had when he faced the rare moment, his wonder about the unexpected relations that time has with its past as it is swiftly passing by.
The combination of elements the photographer captured in time entails a value, creating a meaning of his expression. Yet the value cannot protect itself, and the meaning is vulnerable like a moment.
The green frog jumps in my head.
Bas Wilders
Photographer, Docent of Photography, AKV St. Joost

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