Yoshiyuki Oki / 大木啓至

1970 Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
1993 Completed from Tokyo College of Photography, Photographic Art Primary Department
1995 Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography, Research Department

Solo Exhibitions

2017 "Qualia" Gallery Tosei (Nakano, Tokyo)
2015 "On the frog and his life" Gallery Tosei (Nakano, Tokyo)
1998 "See Saw Scene" HOKALI Fine Art Gallery (Aoyama, Tokyo)
1994 "Pastoral" mole (Yotsuya, Tokyo)
1993 "Flowing House Rules" Nagatani Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo)

Group Exhibitions

2017 "Beyond the Visibility by 6 Artists from Gallery Tosei, Japan" 1839 Contemporary Galley (Taipei, Taiwan)
2013 "Into the World of SHIKAKU" Salon de la (Ginza, Tokyo)
         Photograph: Yoshiyuki Oki / Calligraph: Setsuhi Shiraishi


2017 Qualia (TOSEI-SHA Publishing Co., Ltd.)
2015 On the frog and his life (TOSEI-SHA Publishing Co., Ltd.)
2013 Into the World of SHIKAKU (privately printed)
         Photograph: Yoshiyuki Oki / Calligraph: Setsuhi Shiraishi